BX is part of a family commercial group, in the markets of Paraguay and Bolivia. We operate multiple commercial platforms under a centralized administration and macroeconomic vision.


The activities in development are:


-DISTRIBUTION: we operate with national coverage distribution in the ranges of beverages, foods, luxury tobacco and accessories. Every range is managed with their respective sales group and particular focus, under the synergy of a centralized structure and logistics.


-RETAIL STORES: the fundamental stone of our company was the opening of the first luxury tobacco store in Paraguay. This experience was the motivation of broadening the horizons with an ambitious project of stores and boutiques, including spaces in third party stores, both in duty paid and duty free.


-LOGISTICS: although it is not part of our core business, the need created by operating in landlocked countries, has made it necessary for us to invest and cooperate in logistical activities, with the objective of normalizing and make the transits more efficient, in locations of our geography that had been historically left aside from the main routes.


-EXPORT: The specialization in logistics, has also made it possible to export national production, especially agricultural, to non-traditional destinations.