Our headquarters are located in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, the city with highest growth in South America in the last decade of the 20th century and which maintains that pace.


Other important urban centers are La Paz and Cochabamba, which together with Santa Cruz make over 90% of the consumption in our ranges of action.


In addition to these urban centers, our distribution seeks presence in other cities such as Sucre, Camiri, Trinidad, Tarija, etc.


The eastern border with Brazil has a great growth potential through the development of the commercial exchange and investment in the road structure, which locates Bolivia in the Tourist Commerce map, along Paraguay and Uruguay. The neighbor Brazilian states are wealthy and are outside the normal range of the traditional tourist commerce, thus they become an excellent opportunity for development.


It is important to underline that Bolivia is marked by diversity. Altitudes from 300 mts to 4000 mts above sea level, climates from tropical to snow, deserts and swamps. The population and culture are also diverse; from the ancestors of the Inca culture to tribes of the Chaco and Rio de la Plata platform.