For decades Bolivia has used ports on the Pacific for imports and exports. The fact of being landlocked is a handicap in the commercial flux and is worsened by the mandatory use of the Pacific coast, where a great percentage of the goods needs a higher transit time and costs, and an additional land transport crossing the Andes to reach/leave destination. Without doubt, logistics are a key element for the development.


In recent years Bolivia started exports of some primary production through ports located on the Paraguay river, that connects to the ports of Montevideo and Buenos Aires with Atlantic access. Our company saw this access as a potential door for imports and started the contact with shipping lines (sea and river) to support the development of a consistent transit.


In March 2005, the first modern structure for container reception was inaugurated, confirming the importance of this access.


The internal distribution includes warehouses in the key cities, because the local road structure is not complete, thus ensuring a reliable and timely delivery. We have achieved a modern distribution net based on the digital mapping of our clients and with an average delivery in 24 hours.